Dale Jacquette

Dale Jacquette (1953–2016) was an American analytic philosopher.[1] At the time of his death, he was Professor Ordinarius of Philosophy at the University of Bern.[1] Jacquette had previously served on the faculty of Penn State University.[1] He received his undergraduate degree in philosophy from Oberlin College in 1975, and his PhD in the same subject from Brown University in 1983, writing a dissertation on the logic of intention supervised by Roderick Chisholm.[1] Jacquette had broad research interests in the philosophy of intentionality, logic, metaphysics, philosophy of mind, Wittgenstein, ethics, aesthetics, epistemology, and the history of philosophy.[2] A prolific writer, Jacquette published books on Meinong, logic, cannabis, psychologism, and the ethics of capital punishment in the final decade of his life.[3] He was a defender of Aristotelian realist philosophy of mathematics

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  • Journalistic Ethics Moral Responsibility in the Media | Dale Jacquette

    Journalistic Ethics: Moral Responsibility in the Media examines the moral rights and responsibilities of journalists to provide what Dale Jacquette calls “truth telling in the public interest.” With 31 case studies from contemporary journalistic practice, the book demonstrates the immediate practical implications of ethics for working journalists as well as for those who read or watch the news. This is a book for anyone who now works in journalism, or is considering a career as a journalist. It is also important groundwork for everyone who follows the day's events in newspapers, radio, television, or on the internet. 

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