Paul J. Traudt

Dr. Traudt was a university professor for 36 years. His recent courses and seminars focused on audience reception theory, the social effects of traditional and emerging media, research methods, and global media. He directed graduate student research since 1981, including 30 Master’s theses at UNLV, generally focused on social theory and the impact of mass and emerging media on perception and human communication. Traudt is a recipient of UNLV’s College of Urban Affairs Teacher of the Year Award. In addition to dozens of articles, book chapters, reviews, and invited and competitively-selected paper presentations, Traudt authored Media, Audiences, Effects: An Introduction to the Study of Media Content and Audience Analysis (Allyn & Bacon) and co edited The Social Use of Media: Cultural and Social Scientific Perspectives on Audience Research (Intellect/University of Chicago). His research consulting included clients as diverse as multinational corporations, New York and Washington D.C. law firms, and American public broadcasting. He was a visiting international scholar on four occasions, most recently for a semester at the Institute for Media and Educational Technologies/Reception and Effects, Universität Augsburg in Germany. His professional affiliations include the Broadcast Education Association, the European Communication Research and Education Association, and the American Association of University Professors.

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  • Media, Audiences, Effects: An Introduction to the Study of Media Content and Audience Analysis | Paul J. Traudt

    Media, Audiences, Effects teaches students how to evaluate media effects research and better understand the role media play in our everyday lives. This text introduces readers to over 300 contemporary research studies focusing on 12 important topic areas, including television violence, gender and ethnicity, sexuality and pornography, and advertising bans. It provides a framework for understanding how researchers study media effects and what mass communication theory and research tell us about the relationship between media and society.

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