John Gattorna

Dr John Gattorna has been one of the most influential voices in the development of the modern supply chain. His long-held vision of the supply chain as the central nervous system of an organisation and as a major source of competitive advantage has inspired both supply chain professionals and CEOs.

To support this vision, he has led the development of frameworks and tools to guide design using customers as the sole frame-of-reference, thus ensuring precise alignment between enterprise supply chains and the markets/customers they serve.

John has authored and edited many titles since the 1980's. Since 2006 his books have been particularly focused on the development and refinement of the Dynamic Alignment framework, which has been an important guide for many progressive organisations.

In 2018 John was awarded the Council of Supply Chain Management (CSCMP) Distinguished Service Award for his contribution to the profession, and in the same year was inducted into the CSCMP Hall of Fame.

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  • Living Supply Chains: How to Mobilize the Enterprise Around Delivering What Your Customers Want | John Gattorna

    'Let’s not beat around the bush” ‘Living Supply Chains: How to mobilise the enterprise around delivering what your customers want’ written by John Gattorna is a revolutionary book. Gattorna manages to finally present us with a groundbreaking theory about Supply Chains while completely managing to underpin it.' Supply Chain Management: An International Journal

    " This is fundamentally an important book - enlightening, informative and thought provoking... much needed and very relevant" - Logistics and Transport Focus, December 2006

    Author Article in World Business October 2006

    Extract in Supply Chain Management Review

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