Glenn P. Hastedt

Glenn Hastedt is professor and chair of the Justice Studies Department.  He received his PhD from Indiana University.  Prior to help establish the Justice Studies Department he was professor and chair of the Political Science department at JMU.  He teaches JUST 235 (Justice in the Global Community) and JUST 377 (Global Futures) in the department as well as the U.S. foreign policy course for political science.  His publications include American Foreign Policy:  Past, Present and Future, 9th ed (Pearson, 2012), and numerous articles on intelligence in Intelligence and National Security and the International Journal of Intelligence and Counterintelligence as well as chapters in such books as Intelligence Theory (Rutledge, 2009); the Oxford Handbook of National Security Intelligence (Oxford, 2010); U.S. Foreign Policy Today:  American Renewal? (CQ Press, 2012).  He has also co edited volumes on American foreign policy and intelligence policy.  He is a former co-editor of the journal White House Studies.

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  • American Foreign Policy: Past, Present, Future | Glenn P. Hastedt

    This text brings together 3 key elements for both students and professors. It provides an overview of the historical information to make sense of current U.S. foreign policy; it supplies case studies to give students grounding in key events in U.S. foreign policy and information on contemporary issues; and it incorporates concepts that structure an investigation into U.S. foreign policy. The focus is on U.S. policy itself and not on U.S. foreign policy toward specific regions or issues.

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